our family's journey in military ministry (current abode: Ft. Lewis-McChord, WA)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Family Ties

Last stop: Michael (Glen's cousin) & Brandi Zerilli's Home in New Jersey. Glen & I had a great time spending more time with his family back east the day before we headed back to Los Angeles. Here he is playing dodgeball with C.J. (who isn't seen in this picture), Thomas, Matthew & Angelia. He definitely got beat up on but he says it was worth it! And below are the Michael & Brandi's triplets: Micaela, Julianna & Anthony. They are precious! Angelia is also theirs too so they definitely have their hands full!!

A (Brief) History Lesson

Second stop: Plymouth Plantation & Mayflower II. This was pretty cool because the museum actually sets up the English plantation and Indian tribe area exactly as it looked like back in the 1600's. It was all interactive so when you asked any questions the dressed up characters all answered according to that time period. The Pilgrims landed in America on December 21, 1620. It is from around this time period that our annual "Thanksgiving" is derived from. So much rich history back there.

The Mayflower II (which is a replica of first one) was very small, hard to believe that it brought over some 103 English men and women to Plymouth, MA! This tour too had a few characters who dressed up during that time period. Glen asked much more questions than I did, but we won't bore you with all the details. This slice of our American history has been brought to you by the history nerds, G&S :).

East Coast Get-Away

First stop on our trip back to the east siiiide: Martha's Vineyard (also visited Nantucket). We decided to rent a mo-ped for the day and tour all the little towns ourselves. Beautiful and quaint are the words that come to mind, it was all picturesque actually. The beaches were filled with sailboats and kids playing all around. And I of course couldn't resist buying some homemade ice cream at a local ice cream shop!

Father's Day

Going back east to visit Glen's parents, Bill & Barbara, for the week--we couldn't wait to share the BIG news. How it played out: we decided to get Bill a "Grandfather's Day" card for Father's Day (17th) with a surprise cake! It was amusing to see their minds process the surprise news. Bill thought at first when he saw us all serious that something bad may have happened to his car since Glen accidentally dented his car last year when we were there (ouch). But not this time Bill! This news was much much better.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Headlines--May Day May Day!

What does that say? Could it be? Can it be true? It sure is, the Thompsons' are pregnant with baby #1!! After only one month of being off "prevention mode" we are going to have a baby :-). We found out on June 4th and have been in total shock since then because it happened so quickly. But we are very thankful to the Lord for this special gift and blessing. Our first doctor's appointment is on June 28th where I will be 8 weeks along. Please keep us in your prayers if you think of us. We'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Big "2"

Yep Yep, our 2nd anniversary came and went but what a night well spent! We saved up to go to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse down in Pasadena and it was worth it. Glen ordered the New York Strip and I, the Filet Mignon (yummy!). Afterwards, we strolled around Old Town at all the shops and later ate some gelato. Nice...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Life at Han Yang Presbyterian Church

Glen accepted the Children's Pastor position in February at Han Yang and it seems hard to believe that we've been there three months! Glen's experience back in Pusan, South Korea during the military has definately paid off. On average we have 15-20 kids (all speak English). Glen teaches the 1st-5th graders, while I teach the pre-school ages on Sunday mornings. And on Friday nights, we play games and have a short bible time with all the kids. This upcoming July 9th-11th we will be hosting Vacation Bible School so we are getting excited and geared up for that!!