our family's journey in military ministry (current abode: Ft. Lewis-McChord, WA)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A day in the life of...THE Micah Man

Greetings all! Thought you might enjoy a short video of our Micah Man and a few more pics. We are loving this little guy more everyday!

"Just me and Dad again...although Mom put this silly hat on me"
"Happy happy happy boy, that's what I am!"
"Mom! I'm naked, please"

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Micah One Month!

Well...I hear tons of people say it and it seems to be true, time does go by fast! Our Micah William is coming up to one month old already and we have tried to cherish every minute knowing that he is growing up fast. Here's a few things along the way that I've learned as a 'new' mommy:
  1. I have a growing respect for cows...since I nurse ALL THE TIME :).
  2. I now know what a "blow out" means and whew, does it get messy.
  3. Remember to pack an extra outfit or two for Micah when going somewhere for the day, you never know what could happen.
  4. So I really can live off 4 hours of sleep a night? Wow, never knew this one.
  5. Getting a smile from Micah seriously makes my day!
Other updates? Looks like we are set to leave for Seattle on Tuesday, September 2nd. Two amazing praises (!!), we found a three bedroom/two bath rental home in a town called Renton which is about 20-30 minutes away from the church AND our friend James, who Glen went to seminary with, is going to help drive our U-Haul for us which will be a great help! So with that said, we are focused on connecting with friends and packin' before we head out. We'll try to post more before then but hope you enjoy the latest and greatest pics of Micah Man~
"Have I mentioned how I LOVE to sleep?""Baths aren't all that bad as long as I'm snuggled afterwards in one of these...ahhhh""I suppose this hairy creature must be growin' on me"
"I've met the woman of my dreams...Aubrey Trzeciak""And she likes me too, woohoo!"

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Our Micah Man

Ahhhh yes...life with our little Micah Man. So sweet! Other than my (Shilo) sleep deprivation and trying to get down a daily routine with breastfeeding, things couldn't be better. We are adjusting well by God's grace. We have been so grateful as well for all the visits from family & friends, cards, flowers and gifts. Don't know what we would do without the support and love of everyone. Hope you enjoy the newest pics~
Oh, by the way here's the LATEST UPDATE ON SEATTLE: Glen will be flying out tomorrow afternoon for three days to look at housing for our family clan, so if you think of us in your prayers. The moving date is set for the first week of September, crazy!!

"I love love cuddling with Daddy"
"What is this rolling contraption thing anyway?"

"I like all these hugs after my bath!"
"Nothing like eatin' with Mom"

"Who is this hairy creature sniffing me?!"