our family's journey in military ministry (current abode: Ft. Lewis-McChord, WA)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Anyone?

We took Micah out for his first "pumpkin patch" excursion last week. It was quite enjoyable. He was enthralled more with the tractors, chickens, and roosters than the pumpkins of course but not shocked there :). Glen & I couldn't remember if we'd ever been to a patch while growing up...guess that means Micah may not remember either...oh well. Here's some pics of the peaceful day. Love autumn in Washington!This one was for you Popie...two generations with John Deere!Pumpkins pumpkins pumpkins! Drive on the way home...breathtaking.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Getty Concert!

We are still relishing the Getty concert we went to last weekend in Bellevue. They recently wrote a new album, Awaken the Dawn (must buy!!!). For those of you who haven't heard their music, it is so rich, worshipful, and uplifting. Check them out at www.gettymusic.com. We promise you will love it!

Monday, October 12, 2009

FBC Fall Conference

Every October, our church (Faith Bible Church) puts on a weekend Fall Conference at a place called Warm Beach, which is about a hour & 1/2 north of us. This year we were thrilled to have our pastor from back home who married us, Jim Pile, come speak!! He gave some wonderful and convicting talks on pride, humility, communication, and conflict resolution. We were also blessed to have two men from Japan stay with us for 4 days prior to and after the conference. Here's a small glimpse:
Glen looking over notes before MCing first night

Micah being Micah before we head out to 1st session!

Worship Time

Jim speaking

Beautiful view

Family Shot this year (above) versus last year (below) at Fall Conference. Micah looks so little!

Two men that stayed with us, Yusuke & Jun. Can you tell I, Shilo, just woke up? :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Saturday Seriousness

"So wait...your trying to tell me mommy that it goes A then B then C? Very interesting indeed mommy."Micah's been learning body parts. If perhaps you are intrigued:
Found Micah like this the other night, loves loves loves his blankie! This is a pretty common experience for him, can't go to bed without it. Take notice also the Phoenix Suns pj's, yeah baby!