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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hola Amigos!

Glen, Micah, and I came home from Mexico/Arizona late Tuesday morning and had such a refreshing time. We spent about 3-4 days with my parents and 4 days in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point). My mom and step-dad have owned their condo for about 9 years now and we are amazed at how generous they are with it. They truly believe that it is the 'Lord's place' so they continue to let family and friends stay there, which is a wonderful blessing. In fact, one of my dear girlfriends, Emily, and her new hubby are going to stay there at the end of this month for a late honeymoon.

Highlights: 1. Spending time alone for a few days 2. Praying specifically each night for either our marriage, Micah, home, and ministry in WA 3. Micah's sweet time with his grand-parents (he didn't even miss us!) 4. Seeing the beauty of God's creation while in Mexico 5. Meeting my two brother's new fiances 6. Seeing my mom's new workplace at Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Beware of lots of pictures!
View outside the condoCondo behind us The sunset...ahhh, so beautimous

Collecting seashells...Not too bad heh?Engagement photos all over again :)


The new fiances in grey: Marissa & Marcy

Mom's new job at Make-A-Wish
With my sis', Amanda

Sweet picture of daddy and Micah's hands