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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Baby BOY Thompson's close up picture of face only.  Right hand/fist next to his right cheek (at left).
 Full-term momma!
Mommy & Micah 

Christmas Coooookies

Monday, September 26, 2011

Heart to Homeschool

Spent several months praying through if we should buy a curriculum or not for Micah.  Well, we finally did and bought Answers in Genesis for Preschoolers (whole set under $100).  Three main reasons:  1.  He has insatiable love of learning (what child for the most part doesn't)  2.  We wanted to add more purpose to his day, as far as educational  3.  Helps us be more productive in our days  
We spend usually a few minutes after meals or in between and it is VERY informal.  Micah has really loved it!  He is learning shapes, colors, numbers, tracing, ABC's, and more.  Plus it includes bible activities (on top of Cubbies stuff he does each week).  We know each child is unique and that there are a myriad of different views out there on when to start home schooling, but we haven't regretted it one day.  There have been so many positives, especially when you can make it fun!
We also started a job chart on the fridge for helping more around the house too.  He is a great helper.  Micah's five main jobs:  1. Feed Daisy  2.  Make bed  3.  Clean up room  4.  Set table  5.  Wipe down bathroom  
Highly recommend this as children get into the 3 year old age!
Forgot to add this on to last night's post (day at the park):

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Autumn Approaching

September has approached us fast and is now almost gone!  Last year we were enjoying the nice autumn colors in Seattle, now we enjoy seeing/hearing the beautiful ocean.  We've had much going on, but in it all we are waiting on our great and gracious Savior whom gives us more than we deserve.  We are thankful for our precious kidlets--the JOY they bring--and I (Shilo) am personally thankful for the sweet, humble hubby that I can share everyday with.  Baby BOY on the way is kickin' and movin' more...a precious miracle indeed.  Until next time, hope you enjoy the latest snapshots.  Love always~
Micah started AWANA Cubbies & Annabel started Puggles at church.  Here they are below with their gear on, although can't see Anna's shirt too well.
Micah & Daisy girl

Love being able to put her hair in pigtails!
Enjoyed a date morning in Carmel full of sunshine
Ahhh...the sweetness and pace of Annabel.  She is now crawling all over the place and pulling herself up to a standing position.  Physical therapy and lots of prayer have been helping.  Praising the Lord for each milestone.
Love sneaking up on her lately.  She plays so quietly that sometimes I get nervous :).  "Ohhhh Anna, what are doing?"

"Hi mom, just playin' with my penguin"
Best friends

Recent visit to LA for Truth Matters Conference.  A sweet time of fellowship with the Grazors', Karen and her new baby girl, and others.

Found Micah outside with his book the other day
She seems to like books more than Micah did at this age

Monday, August 22, 2011

East Coast Vacation

Had a great time back east visiting Glen's parents and family, a much-needed rest for us with all the busyness we've had in our lives. We are praising God for the time away together and for all the sacrificial hospitality of Popie and Grandma while were there. Hope the pics bring a smile!

had to include latest of Anna first...

Anna's Nap Time Yesterday
Sleepy girl in her tutu
Waking up slooowly with a smile
Tada, now officially awake :)

East Coast
One of Micah's fav rides, the firetruck...of course!
Cape May lighthouse
Awww...made us want to lay out and read a book
Anna & daddy on her first ride
Micah's first monster truck ride, it's a "guy" thing
Popie spoiling Annabel with Polish Water Ice
On the boardwalk tram car, which Micah also LOVED
Sunset over the boardwalk busyness
Ocean City, NJ
Cape May zoo, and we ALL fit in the train!
Fascinating flamingos
Someone is pooped after a long afternoon...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Delights in Summerville

Seems like awhile since we've checked in...I suppose that's how it can be in the summer months. Although there has been much busyness, there have been moments to relax as well. We are in our 6th month here in Seaside, CA and are humbled/thankful to be here and be a part of the ministry at Seaside 1st Baptist Church. Hope these snapshots give you glimpse of our last month (most recent from the top).

1st Thompson Family Camping Adventure
(and looking forward to more)
Glen being a trooper after Micah was tired 1/2 way through our hike (Big Sur)
Big Redwood Tree
Beautiful Hydrangeas
Chillin' at the campsite
New Grill (Walmart special!)
Micah spent most of his time throwing rocks in the river
Go Dad!
And the tent is up!
Vacation Bible School
Theme: Jesus of Nazareth
Games, games, games
Bible Time with Rabbi TJ
Getting ready for worship
Micah Turns 3!!
New 'Cars' bike from us (above)--although he is still to this day too scared to ride it
Andrew & Ayden helping with new helmet
Fire truck Birthday Party
Getting ready to blow out candle
Surprised Micah with going to Seaside Fire Station (he looooved it)
Mom attempts a fire truck cake. After seeing his reaction made it ALL worth it :)
New sleeping bag for upcoming camping trip
4th of July
Most fav shot of the kids with Daisy girl, sweet memories