our family's journey in military ministry (current abode: Ft. Lewis-McChord, WA)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

What's New...

Hello all! Life is full swing again in January with Glen starting back up at seminary. He's only got 2 classes this semester: Preaching Lab III and New Testament Introduction. And then he'll be finished with his MDiv. by May-woohoo! It's been great catching up with friends this month too, like the Trzeciaks', Grazors', Gravinos' and my (Shilo) old roomies. We also got a chance to see a Phoenix Suns vs. L.A. Lakers game on the 17th. It was of course amazing because the Suns WON!! As far as post- seminary, we've heard from a few more churches over the last month but nothing has proved that "it's a GO" so we are patiently waiting. It's a fun adventure-excited to see where we'll end up next. And as you can see to the right, I am getting bigger! My friend Michelle did this on her blog which I thought was adorable so I'm copying her idea :). We are just past our 15 week mark and in our 2nd trimester. Definitely need to buy some more clothes this week! Then below...well, there is Daisy asleep on Glen again. She always finds interesting resting spots, pretty amusing. We'll keep you posted as always!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas 2007

WOW, a great Christmas back in Zona' (short for Arizona). Enjoy the pics! The Thompson ClanAhhh...Shilo & Dad
Three of Shilo's brothers: Jeremiah (he looks like he is sleeping but he's not-lol), Seth & Ryan With Taylor (nephew)

Ryan & Mariah (niece)

Taylor & Dad

Shilo's brother Jake at a basketball tournament on the 27th (#52!). Can you believe he is 16 years old and already 6'4? Crazy huh...And last but not least...the Daisy girl herself. We found her tucked away in the Christmas blankets the night before we headed back to California. Everyone loved on her of course--she is quite easy to love, naturally :).