our family's journey in military ministry (current abode: Ft. Lewis-McChord, WA)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Love this little guy...

Recent pic of our Micah Man
Interests include: cars, trains, balloons, playing in dirt, singing, reading his Five Little Monkeys book over and over again, listening to his Jesus Storybook Bible over and over again, hugging his sister (sometimes too hard), giving Daisy dog treats, riding his tricycle, hopping on his POP, reading stories with mom on his bed, string cheese, ice cream (takes after his mom here), and being downright silly with laughter.
Learned: numbers (1-13 but skips #4), alphabet, basic shapes/colors, and some words.
Most recent question asked again and again: "When Annabel gets older she can do fill in the blank, right mommy?" :-)
You bring us much joy bud, we love you!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our New Abode

Here she is ladies and gentlemen, our humble abode (parsonage). We hope to fill it up with much love and many memories :).Welcome sign, loved it!View from porchEntering front doorKitchen immediately to the left
(love having a red kitchen)Kids' Room--a work in progress
(seem to be doing well sharing so far)Seaside First Baptist Church
(blessing from God)My new stainless steel cookware, opened from Christmas
First meal cooked: homemade Valentine meatball subs
(my east coast hubby loves these)
Yuuuuuum!One of Glen's best friends, Brian, and his wife Faith and their baby Sean come to visit from bay areaBeauty from Monterey PeninsulaFirst house guests from SFBC, CD & Janelle. Fairly new believers with such a love for the Lord and His Word. Expecting their 1st baby, Emma Grace, within a few weeks!
Made a Sicilian style meal got from a magazine for fun:
Sausage & Rice Timbale & Celery Polpette

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Beginnings

Hard to believe, but we have been in "sunny" Seaside, CA for one week now. It has been all so much to take in really...still processing as we have witnessed the many prayers answered by our gracious God. Our new home seems to be a fit in every way. More to come later so for now we'll leave you with a few captured moments of the move and our sweet kidlets. "Um mom, where did everybody go?"Riding with JB Barbouletos & Dad
(looooved being in the truck, boys and their trucks)JB & LeAnne (along with Sophia, their daughter) helped us with our move-even though they had so much going on. True servants and dear friends. We were so thankful!Our happy girlDid we say happy girl?"Charlie Brown coloring book...cool""Teddy bear & candy, yes!""Why aren't I getting any mommy?""Sis', your not really going to eat those are you?"Playdoh time

Best baby girl ever, but of course!