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Monday, January 26, 2009

Ordinary Turned Extraordinary

Usually I spend my Mondays catching up on things around the house (i.e. laundry, etc.), however today was an exception. Glen called me on the way to work and told me how beautiful the drive was (views of Washington Lake on the way) so I decided after Micah's morning nap to go down to Coulon Park which is down the street from us. What a beautiful and peaceful day! We walked and walked along the docks and paths while I pointed out the trees, ducks, and seagulls. He loved looking up at all the trees and BLUE sky too. And to top it all off, for lunch I had White Clam Chowder at a small little place which was quite yummy. It was also a sweet time of reflection and prayer for me after he fell asleep. With that said, here are some pics from the day:

Oh and a quote before signing off from my morning reading taken from Each For The Other by Bryan Chapell (marital book that our friends, the Gravinos', gave us). It's taken under the glory of a Christian wife section:

"God wants us to base our dignity on His eternal regard not our own personal gain. Contrary to popular opinion, woman was not created for her own fulfillment. She was created to be a helper and nurturer. Now that is not an easy assignment to accept. We tend to bristle and think, there must be something more significant than that! What homemaker hasn't found herself asking, after the fiftieth load of laundry in a week or when facing yet another sink full of dirty dishes, 'is there anything significant about what I'm doing here?' yet in God's eyes, nothing is more significant than servanthood. The path to genuine greatness lies in serving. Grasping for power or recognition is natural. Servanthood is supernatural. So many women are missing out on the supernatural today because they are caught up in the "search for significance." Ironically, the more they search for it, the less satisfied they feel. Why? Significance is found in giving your life away, not in selfishly trying to find personal happiness. Heaven is reflected in her focus on others."

Monday, January 19, 2009

New Toys

Micah got a new high chair and Jump N' Go (actually we got this from our shower, but we just started using it). He loves loves his high chair and is still trying to get used to the Jump N' Go but it's cute seeing him trying to figure it out. Here are some updated shots around the house:

"I love to eat and I love my new high chair...yay for me!"

"So what am I supposed to do in this thing again?"

"Look mom, I'm sitting up and daddy's not helping me!"

"Dad...your so goofy"

Guess who came for a visit?

Jen & Miss Aubrey Trzeciak!!! Jen is my good friend back in California (I threw her a baby shower awhile back for all you blogger followers). Ryan, her husband, graduated with Glen last year together. Her sister lives about 20 minutes from Glen & I so she came to visit for a few days. It was so fun to have them here. Jen has been a great encouragement and friend to me the last few years so I praise the Lord for her. Oh...and one little sidenote, we have already worked out that Micah and Aubrey will be betrothed someday. Micah & Aubrey Thompson...has a nice sound to it huh :).

Down at Pike's Place Market

All bundled up in the brrrrrrr weather!
"Are we cute or what?!"
Hangin' out in the playpen

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Emily's Officially Married

One of my (Shilo's) best girlfriends, Emily Hollon (now Mrs. Otten) got married on January 2nd! Micah and I flew out to Colorado Springs, CO on the 1st and stayed for two nights. It was a beautiful wedding and I was so honored to be a part of it. Two cool praises, Micah traveled really well AND I was able to fit in my bridesmaid dress...barely. Gotta love that post-pregnancy weight :).
CONGRATULATIONS Aaron & Emily Otten, we love you!!!

Feelin' Nosey

We had a MEMORABLE MICAH MOMENT over Christmas where he tries to bite our nose and then cracks up afterwards. It's quite amusing! Here's some shots of him with Dad:


Hope everyone had a great Christmas & New Year's! It's been busy in the Thompson household so haven't been able to keep up on the blog-ster lately. First things first, Glen's parents, Bill & Barbara (B&B) came out to visit us during Christmas week. The highlights you ask? Well... 1. Celebrating Barbara's birthday on Christmas Eve 2. Micah's 1st Christmas 3. Lots and lots of snow 4. Spending time together as a family. Here are a few pics of all the festivities: Happy Birthday Barbara!Did we mention snow? For days and days... Had to give them a TASTE of Seattle's coffee!"I think I like Christmas Grammy...thanks for my new toy!"
"Are you serious guys?"
"Yep, I love being held by Grandma"

"Oh I want I want I want Popie's mustache and glasses..."

"Aren't I strikingly handsome?" :)