our family's journey in military ministry (current abode: Ft. Lewis-McChord, WA)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Heading to Seattle!

This Saturday, Glen and I will be making the trek to Seattle, WA to interview at a church. We are all set to go and are waiting on the Lord to see how things will unfold. Please keep us in your prayers if you are reading this...thank you so much. We'll keep you posted! ~G&S

Easter Weekend & After

On Friday night before the
Easter service, we held a Last Supper with the kids. Glen taught on the events that led up to Christ's death and the Resurrection. The kids were able to enjoy the Passover meal with unleavened bread (tortillas!), roasted lamb (chicken!), applesauce and Thyme herbs. The evening turned out much better than we had anticipated, which was huge blessing.

Catching a few of the kids before Easter service started!
We gave Mrs. Kuh flowers (who helps with the children)
Hangin' out with the Pre-schoolers after the singing program
Here it is, the Inn on Summer Hill in Santa Barbara. My (Shilo) boss gave us two nights at a bed & breakfast as a Christmas gift. We had such a refreshing time getting away a few days and enjoying the sunshine and beaches. Gotta love California!

Yep, don't know if you can tell above, but it's a dog with a cat lying on its back with two rats on the cat's back. Man oh man...can't we all just get along!! :)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Catch Up!

I know I know...seems like awhile since we wrote last but a lot has gone on in the last few weeks. I guess I'll start by saying that Glen and I have been talking with a church in Seattle, WA for the last several months and just recently heard that they want to fly us out there to meet them. The plan is to go out on March 29th/30th and the position that Glen will be interviewing for is Associate Pastor of Family Ministries. From what we have learned about the church so far, we are encouraged. We covet your prayers as we patiently wait for whatever the Lord wills for our lives. We'll keep you posted!

Here it is, the other big news. We got a new (used) car!! About a week ago, Glen's Ford Explorer died on us so after much research and working through the trade-in value/finances, we were able to buy this 2004 Mazda Tribute. It will mainly be for me (Shilo)with the baby coming up...Glen likes to call it the 'chick' car which I like to refer to it as more of the...'mommy' car (heh heh).

Man oh man, look at that belly! It feels like I've grown tons in these last few months. Here I am at 22 1/2 weeks along, over half way through my pregnancy. Still no sickness, nausea or other symptoms so I feel very blessed. My mom recently came into town to visit and so we began the process of looking at baby things together. It was such a blast, first time I had started looking at things for our little guy. So much out there to choose from, but trying to be wise in what we need at the same time. Soaking up this fun season I am in :).

And last but not least, here is our little guy himself! Don't know if you can make out the features but we can now distinctly see his nose, mouth, chin, eye (just under the black spot above), left arm/shoulder and hand on the right side. Personally I see more of Glen in him (which of course no complaints here!) but I guess we'll have to wait and see until he's born :). Such an amazing thing, these photo images! We are counting down the days till we meet him, 4 months is going to feel like foreeeeeeever. So long for now!